Program Introduction

Ewha Womans University Language Center's Korean Teacher Training Program is a course designed for those who are interested in becoming a Korean language teacher in and out of Korea.

Since the first program offered in 1997, total of approximately 2,000 students have completed the program, and the program has been devoted to foster professional Korean teachers through a systematic and efficient curriculum for the last 19 years.

This program supports potential Korean teachers to become the best Korean teachers prepared with both theory and practicum through the distinguished education methodology which has been developed by ELC for 27 years. Students are educated with the curriculum designated by the Korean Language Standard Law, and are taught by the best professors in the field.

A certificate of completion issued under the name of the principal of Ewha Womans University is given to those who complete the program. Students can acquire the level 3 License for Teaching Korean as a Foreign Language after completing the program and passing the Test of Teaching Korean as a Foreign Language.

Annual Academic Schedule

Annual Academic Schedule of Korean Teacher Training Program
Semester 2021 Summer Semester 2021 Winter Semester
Period Canceled To be Decided
Class Schedule
Online Registration Period
Tuition Payment Period
Class Format


Curriculum of Korean Teacher Training Program
Field Subject
Field 1.
Korean Language
Introduction to Korean Linguistic
Korean Phonology & Writing Theory
Korean Lexicology
Korean Semantics
Korean Pragmatics
Theory of Korean Grammar I, II
Korean Language History
Basic Rules in Korean Language I, II
Field 2.
General Linguistics and Applied Linguistic
Theory of Linguistic Instruction
Contrastive Linguistic
Theory of Foreign Language Acquisition
Field 3.
Teaching Korean as a Foreign Language
Introduction to Teaching Korean Language
Theory of Korean Language Curriculum
Language Education Theory
Theory of Korean Language Textbooks
Theory of Korean Language Assessment
Teaching Method of Speaking in Korean
Teaching Method of Listening in Korean
Teaching Method of Reading in Korean
Teaching Method of Writing in Korean
Teaching Method of Pronunciation in Korean
Teaching Method of Grammar in Korean
Teaching Method of Vocabulary in Korean
Theory of Teaching Korean Culture
Theory of Chinese Characters in Korean
Teaching Korean Consonants and Vowels
Writing a Teaching Lesson Plan
Field 4.
Korean Culture
Understanding Korean Society
Korean Folklore
Korean History and Culture
Understanding Korean Literature
Field 5.
Class Observation
Mock Teaching/Practicum

School Regulations

  • Students have to be present for at least 85% of total class hours by the assessment date to pass(complete) the program.
  • Three tardies or early-leaves is equivalent to one absence.
  • Students arriving 20 or more minutes after the beginning of each class will be marked as late.
  • Students arriving at least 1 hour after the beginning of the class will be marked as absent.
  • Official absence(health problem) can be accepted only 2 times per semester, when an official document proving the student’s reason for absence can be submitted.
  • Students must meet the attendance criteria to complete the course and achieve at least 60% of average grade for the integrated examination. Cheating in the test will result in nullification of the test result.