Student Activities

Activities offered every semester

Student Club Activity

Various kinds of student clubs are available for Intensive Program students to join every semester. At the moment, ELC has a Dance Club, Singing Club, Photography Club and a Body-fit Club. Students can participate in club activities once a week (no activities during exam period), and are free to apply for any student club they like.

After-school Cultural Activity

After-school Cultural activities are offered every semester to provide more opportunities for Intensive Program students to experience various kinds of Korean culture. Types of after-school cultural activities can be categorized into performance-watching, cultural experience, and field trips, which are provided exclusively to students who apply for the activity. Information on the activities provided each semester and application process can be found on the hand-out provided at the opening ceremony and also by information given by the teachers.

Korean Dowoomi (Korean tutor)

Korean Dowoomi program offers foreign students an opportunity to practice Korean with and to get assistance in familiarizing oneself with the life in Korea from a Korean tutor, a student(either an undergrad/graduate student) attending Ewha Womans University.

  • Who can apply: foreign students taking ELC Intensive Program
  • Application period and procedure: apply to your teacher on the first day of class

    Priority is given to level 1 students. Depending on the number of applicants for the Dowoomi program, some applicants may not be matched with a Dowoomi.

  • Contents of activity
    1. Meet up with the Korean tutor(Dowoomi) once a week (at least for 12 hours in total)
    2. Practice Korean with the Dowoomi and ask for assistance in adjusting to life in Korea.

    3 hours out of total 12 hours can be devoted to getting assistance for living in Korea(such as using public transportation, student cafeteria, bank and the post office, etc.).

  • Note
    1. Participants are expected to meet with the Dowoomi once every week, for at least 1 hour
    2. Participants are expected to keep the appointment without changing or cancelling, once an appointment is made.
    3. Participants are advised to meet on or near campus.
    4. Try to avoid activities unrelated to learning Korean, such as watching a movie or shopping

Activities offered once a year

Korean Speech Contest for Foreigners

Since 1991, Ewha Womans University Language Center has been annually holding a “Korean Speech Contest for Foreigners“ for ELC students, international and exchange students at Ewha. Divided into basic, intermediate and advanced levels, this contest provides an opportunity for foreign students to prove their progress in Korean proficiency. Celebratory performances are also staged by students to freely show off their talent.

Ewha Thanksgiving Festival

“Ewha Thanksgiving Festival” is a contest held every November to celebrate Thanksgiving. Members of Ewha express themes such as “gratitude” “love” and “peace” with singing, musical instruments and dances. Students from ELC Dance Club and Singing Club also record good results by participating in the contest every year.