Program Introduction

Intensive Program is offered four times a year – spring, summer, fall and winter. Each semester is 10 weeks long.

This program offers an integrated education of four skills – reading, writing, listening and speaking – with a focus on communication skills, where two teachers take turns to teach one class (team-teaching system). Through this program, students will be able to improve the practical communicative skills by performing tasks close to real-life ones during the class and to maximize their Korean learning ability and improve their understanding of Korean culture through the Culture Classes in relation to the curriculum.

Program Outline

Program Outline of Intensive program
Program Period Class Hours per Week Class Hours per Semester Class Schedule Levels Class Size
10 weeks 20 hours(Mon ~ Fri) 200 hours Morning class: 09:10 – 13:00 Levels 1~6 Approximately 15 students

Classes may be cancelled if there are less than 6 applicants.

Class Schedule of Intensive program
First Period Second Period Third Period Forth Period
09:10-10:00 10:10-11:00 11:10-12:00 12:10-13:00

Academic Schedule

Academic Schedule of Intensive program
Term Course Period Application Deadline Placement Test
Applicants for D-4 visa
(Non visa-waiver country)
Applicants for D-4 visa
(Visa-waiver country)
Visa holders
2023 Summer
2023 Autumn
2023 Winter
2024 Spring 2024.03.07(Thu)
2024.01.05(Fri) 2024.01.19(Fri) 2024.02.21(Wed) 2024.02.28(Wed)
2024 Summer 2024.06.07(Fri)
2024.04.05(Fri) 2024.04.19(Fri) 2024.05.24(Fri) 2024.05.30(Thu)

Holiday Schedule

Holiday Schedule
Year Month Holiday Month Holiday
2023 January 1. 1.(Sun) Lunar New Year’s Day (No substitute holiday), 1. 21.(Sat) ~ 1. 23.(Mon) New Year holidays (1. 22.(Sun) Lunar New Year’s Day → 1. 24.(Tue) substitute holiday) February -
March 3. 1(Wed) Independence Movement Day April -
May 5. 1.(Mon) Labor Day, 5. 5.(Fri) Children’s Day June 6. 6.(Thur) Memorial Day
July - August 8. 15.(Tue) National Liberation Day
September 9. 28.(Thu) ~ 9. 30.(Sat) Chuseok holidays October 10.2(Mon) Temporary Holiday, 10. 3.(Tue) National Foundation Day, 10. 9.(Mon) Hangul Proclamation Day
November - December 12. 25.(Mon) Christmas
2024 January 1. 1.(Mon) Lunar New Year’s Day February 2. 9.(Fri) ~ 2. 11.(Sun) New Year holidays, 2024. 2. 12.(Mon) substitute holiday

Tuition Fee

※The tuition fee may change in the future.

Tuition Fee of Intensive program
Application Fee 80,000 KRW
Tuition Fee 1,740,000 KRW
Textbook Fee 50,000 ~ 60,000 KRW