Goals of the Program

Goals of the Program of short-term program
Level 1
  • Read and write Hangul.
  • Speak basic Korean needed on a daily basis.
  • Read and write short passages on casual topics.
Level 2
  • Successfully handle various kinds of daily tasks using appropriate expressions in Korean.
  • Read and write various kinds of passages on casual topics.
Level 3
  • Express one’s opinions and communicate with others in both complex everyday life and simple social situations.
  • Read and write various kinds of passages on familiar social issues.
Level 4
  • Deal with urgent matters in Korean and express one’s thoughts in a discussion using formal expressions.
  • Read and understand texts on social, abstract topics, and write a logical essay with many paragraphs.

Level and the Textbook

Level and the Textbook of short-term program
Level Textbook
Level 1 1A <Essence Ewha Korean 1A>
1B <Essence Ewha Korean 1B>
1C <Essence Ewha Korean 1C>
Level 2 2A <Essence Ewha Korean 2A>
2B <Essence Ewha Korean 2B>
2C <Essence Ewha Korean 2C>
Level 3 3A <Ewha Korean 3-1>
3B <Ewha Korean 3-2>
Level 4 4 <Ewha Korean 4>