Online Registration

Target Students

  • Foreigners or overseas Koreans enrolled in OR graduated from high school.

Required documents for registration

  • Online application form (ELC format, 1 photo attached) filled out at ELC website (
  • A copy of passport
  • A copy of Alien Registration Card (only for current Visa holders)
  • A copy of either the diploma or the certificate of enrollment from the most recently attended school
  • Photo (only JPG format allowed; named after your passport name)
  • A certificate of insurance for international students (including the guarantee of illness and injury in Korea) recommended
  • Additional documents may be requested if needed.


  • Submit an online application form and required documents in scanned through e-mail,
    (ELC can request the original document if necessary)
  • Document screening
  • Notification of document screening result and tuition fee
  • Submit the receipt of tuition fee(application fee and class tuition fee) payment
  • Notification of placement test(written and speaking test)
  • Please be aware that the registration will be successfully completed only when all procedures including online registration, necessary documents submission reviewed by email and payment arrival confirmation are completed by the registration deadline.

Tuition Fee and Payment Method

Tuition Fee
New students(in the first semester)
  • Application Fee : 80,000 won + Class Tuition : 900,000 won (From March 2024)
Current students
  • Class Tuition : 900,000 won (From March 2024)
  • Textbook price(26,000~40,000 KRW per semester) is not included.
  • Surplus or deficit amount incurred due to the currency difference will be balanced after the semester begins.
Payment Method


  • Application is available on website or by email about a month before the semester begins(first-come, first-served basis)
  • More information: Life@ELC > Dormitory


  • A short-term visa of a minimum 30 days is needed. However, students from some countries with international agreements with Korea are exempted from the visa requirement.
  • ELC does not offer the required documents for Visa application. However, the receipts for application and tuition fees can be issued upon request.


  • Before the beginning of the semester (before the first day of class): 100% of tuition fee refundable.(Application fee is not refundable.)
  • Before 1/3 of the total class hours passes: 2/3 of tuition fee refundable.
  • Before 1/2 of the total class hour passes: 1/2 of tuition fee refundable.
  • After 1/2 of total class hour passes: non-refundable
  • Application fee is not refundable.
  • A day of class is equivalent to 4 hours. If you have 8 hours’ class in one day (for Culture Class, for example), it is equivalent to 2 days of regular class.
  • Total class hours refer to the total class hours passed during the semester.
  • The final refundable amount will be calculated based on the total class hours passed until the day the cancellation request is registered(The day cancellation is registered will be included in the total class hours passed).
  • In case of an overseas refund, any overseas remittance fee will be charged on the student canceling registration.
  • Inquiries on detailed information(final refundable amount and the date of refund) must be directed to the ELC staff in advance, upon cancellation.

Please note, Cancelling classes after the semester begins, the scholarship benefits you have received will be cancelled.