Ewha Language Center(ELC)was established in 1962 as an affiliated language institute to Ewha Womans University.
ELC has supported Ewha Womans University with foreign language education, and started teaching Korean as a foreign language from 1988.

이화여자대학교 전경

Ewha Language Center, an access point for a variety of cultures and languages, offers programs every season, four times a year in spring, summer, fall and winter. ELC proudly offers the best quality of faculty, text books, and a thorough and caring system for student management.

Every year, approximately 6,000 students cultivate not only their language skills but also their competence as global leaders through Foreign Language Programs, Korean Language Programs, Korean Instructor Training Program, etc. at ELC.

Facility Information

Ewha Language Center is equipped with general classrooms, multimedia classrooms, classrooms with electronic lecture desks, medium•large size auditoriums to help students learn better. Moreover, students can use internet, read a book, study, meet their Korean tutor, or have a meetings at Global Lounge. We offer many kinds of convenient facilities for students to enjoy their daily life at Ewha.

일반 강의실
멀티미디어 강의실

Campus map

언어교육원 약도확대
  • Enter through Ewha’s Main Gate, go pass the Ewha Museum and turn left.
  • Walk straight and turn right as soon as you reach the Western Gate.
  • After walking for about 50m, you will find two buildings that belong to Ewha Womans University.
  • One is Ewha-SK Telecom Building and the other is Ewha-Samsung Education Culture Building.
  • Ewha-Samsung Education Culture Building is the Ewha Language Center.