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    50% of the next semester’s tuition fee will be supported by ELC for the students of Intensive Program who receive the best grade in each level and register for the next semester (2 students each for level 1, 2, 3, and one student each for level 4 and 5).

    *Students cannot benefit from more than one scholarship simultaneously.
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    Whether freshmen or not, any ELC student qualifying for the conditions below can apply for ELC Siblings Scholarship; ELC Seon Scholarship; ELC Family Scholarship: 
    - ELC Siblings Scholarship: offered to students whose brothers or sisters simultaneously register for the same ELC Korean Language Program.
    - ELC Seon Scholarship: offered to students registering for ELC Korean Language Program whose parents are faculty members of Ewha Womans University.
    - ELC Family Scholarship: offered to students registering for ELC Korean Language Program who are children of an Ewha graduate.

    *Anyone who can submit documents proving the conditions above can apply for the scholarships.
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    When a student holding a D-4 Visa moves, the student must report the change in his/her residential address to the local head of the Immigration Office or the branch office located in the new residential address within 14 days from the date of moving.

    ※ Note
    *Requested documents can differ according to the individual condition of the D-4 visa holder and the regulations of the Immigration Office.
    *Please contact the Immigration Office for more information on Visa (☎ 1345).
    *Immigration office website: http://www.immigration.go.kr
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    -Who can apply: International students who enter Ewha Womans University for a degree program after taking levels 4~6 of Intensive Program at ELC. 
    -Transferrable credits: maximum 6 credits
    -Approved semesters: ELC Korean Language Program taken within one year before the official admission to Ewha Womans University. The credits can be transferred in the first semester after admission, as a General Elective Course(level4- Korean Language and Korean Culture: Introduction, level5- Korean Language and Korean Culture: Exploration, level6- Korean Language and Korean Culture: Concentration)
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    If a student completes more than 2 semesters of Intensive Program including level 6 at ELC, the student is qualified to graduate from ELC Intensive Program.
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    -Attendance: Student has to be in attendance for no less than 40 days out of total 50 days.
    -Grade: Student must achieve an average grade of 70 (mid-term and final exams combined) to complete the course. Student could also fail, even if the average grade is not lower than 70, if he/she fails to achieve a grade of 60 in any areas of assessment (vocabulary & structure, reading, writing, speaking, listening).
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    - Culture Classes offered every semester provide an opportunity for foreigners to experience various kinds of Korean culture and to approach the language through culture.
    - Types of Culture Classes: learning Korean traditional folk games, making Korean food, watching Korean performances, participating in cultural events, a field trip to historical sites, filming locations, museums, participating in a Korean Speech Contest, etc.
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    -Classes are taught in Korean.
    -Even if you don’t know any Korean, you can start from learning Korean alphabets under ELC’s systematic curriculum. If you start from the beginning level and attend the class regularly, you will be able to follow the course without much difficulty.
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    - In rooms: bed, wardrobe, refrigerator
    -For individuals: bed sheets (and a blanket during the winter season), pillow cover, entrance card.
    -Available for rent: vacuum cleaner (to be returned within the day of rent)

    Please refer to : http://dmtry.ewha.ac.kr/

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    -Where: I-House B2F Office, Tel. 82-2-3277-6002

    -Office hours: 10AM – 7PM (Mon-Fri)

                     2PM - 5PM(Weekend)

    -Upon check-out, all supplies, including the key, needs to be returned to the office.