Online Registration

How to Register

Required documents - Visa Waiver Agreement
  • A copy of passport
  • A copy of Alien Registration Card (Only for current visa holders)
  • Either the diploma or the certificate of enrollment from the most recently attended school
    • In case of applying for visa: an original document apostilled or verified by Korean embassy
    • No need of visa: a copy
  • An original bank balance confirmation letter issued under the applicant’s name with at least 10,000 USD (on two semesters’ basis) (in case of applying for the D-4 Visa)
    • The bank letter must be issued within one month of application.

Additional documents may be requested if needed.

The registration deadline for applicants with Chinese nationality is two months earlier than the general deadline since the application for Visa issuance needs to be confirmed through the university. Please contact us in advance by e-mail or phone about the documents needed for the registration process.

All of students on intensive program is subscribed to the international insurance from 2018 Spring semester.

Required documents - Non Visa Waiver Agreement
Required documents - Non Visa Waiver Agreement
No. Documents Remarks
1 Application form Online registration
2 1 Photo Original  
3 Passport Copy  
4 A diploma or a certificate of enrollment from the latest school Notarized Original Apostilled or verified by Korean embassy
(If apostille is not available, verification stamp from Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
5 Bank balance confirmation letter Original Issued under applicant's name with at least 10,000 USD(per two terms)
And has to be issued within a month
6 A Certificate of Parent's employment Original Translation Notarization is necessary
7 A Certificate of Income of Parents Original Translation Notarization is necessary
8 Documented Proof of Family Relation Copy Notarization needed
9 A copy of Certificate of Korean Sponsorship Original Korean nationality, employed in Korea; Notarization needed
*Form at
10 Korean sponsor's ID Copy  
11 A copy of the Certificate of Employment or Business License of Korean Sponsor Original Business License (Copy)

Documents written in other languages than Korean, English, Chinese and Japanese must be translated into either English or Korean at notary offices.

Document screening → Individual notification of result → Tuition payment → Mail out the certificate of admission and receipts of tuition payment → Apply for Visa at the local Korean Embassy → Arrival in Korea → Placement test → Begin the semester

Applicants may not be able to receive the certificate of admission upon the submission of required documents.

Once all of the required documents are collected, we will proceed with the document screening.

Document screening takes approximately one week.

Please submit additional documents that proves applicant's activities if there has been more than a year passed since the applicant’s final school graduation. (Scan copy acceptable)

All the documents once submitted cannot be returned.

Registration process for new students
  • After on-line registration(, submit the required documents by e-mail (
  • Students from non visa exempt countires must register at least two semesters at once / Students with Chinese nationality and from countries without the Visa Waiver Agreement must submit the documents by post mail since ELC needs the original copies.
  • In case of online submission, the documents must be scanned and submitted. If deemed necessary, the original copies may be requested.
  • Document screening
  • Announcement of the result of document screening & notification of the tuition fee
  • After paying the tuition fee(application fee, course tuition), submit the receipt of remittance
  • Issue the certificate of admission and mail the document to applicants (Only for Visa applicants)
  • Inform on Placement Test (Written and speaking tests)
Registration process for current students
  • On-line registration(
  • Submit a copy of passport and Alien Registration Card to the ELC office either in person or by e-mail(
  • Make the tuition payment and submit the bank receipt to the ELC office
  • Apply for the certificate of enrollment and attendance for D-4 Visa extension (Only for current D-4 Visa holders)

Tuition Fee and Payment Method

Tuition Fee
Tuition Fee of Advanced Korean Program
Application Fee Tuition Fee Textbook Cost
80,000 KRW 1,740,000 KRW 50,000~60,000 KRW
New students (in the first semester)
  • Application fee: 60,000 KRW
  • Program tuition fee: 1,740,000 KRW
Current students
  • Program tuition fee: 1,720,000 KRW
  • In case you come back to take the course 2 or more semesters later, you must pay the application fee and take the placement test again.

Textbook cost [53,000KRW~60,000KRW] is not included.

Surplus or deficit amount incurred due to the currency difference will be calculated after the semester begins.

Payment Method
  • Bank Payment
    • Bank: Shinhan Bank, Ewha Womans University Branch
    • Account Number: 100-013-870018 [Depositor: Ewha Womans University]
    • Swift Code: SHBKKRSE

After remitting the money, write the name of the student on the remittance confirmation form and send it by fax or mail to Ewha Language Center; or e-mail the Language Center upon payment.

Cheques are not accepted.

Dormitory registration

  • Refer to the Life@ELC>Dormitory page for more information.

Course cancellation and tuition fee refund

  • In case of refund, amount of refundable tuition fee will be calculated depending on the date of request.
  • The date of request is determined by the number of passed course days.
  • The date of request is also regarded as a passed course day.
    Course cancellation and tuition fee refund
    Classification Amount of refund
    Before beginning of the course Full refund
    After beginning of the course Course day 1st ~ 20th day Course day 1st ~ 7th day 2/3 of tuition fee for 1st ~ 20th day
    + full tuition fee for 21st ~ 50th day
    8th ~ 10th day 1/2 of tuition fee for 1st ~ 20th day
    + full tuition fee for 21st ~ 50th day
    11th ~ 20th day Full tuition fee for 21st ~ 50th day
    Course day 21st ~40th day 21st ~ 27th day 2/3 of tuition fee for 21st ~ 40th day
    + full tuition fee for 41st ~ 50th day
    28th ~ 30th day 1/2 of tuition fee for 21st ~ 40th day
    + full tuition fee for 41st ~ 50th day
    31st ~ 40th day Full tuition fee for 41st ~ 50th day
    Course day 41st ~ 50th day None
  • Application fee cannot be refund.
  • A day of class is equivalent to 4 hours. If you had 8 hours of class in a day, (for Culture Class, for example), it is counted as 2 days of regular class.
  • In case of overseas transactions, student who cancel the registration should cover the transaction fee if happens.
  • Students who were issued a C-3 or D-4 Visa with the certificate of admission to ELC can cancel the registration only when requested documents are submitted.
  • For detailed information, please contact ELC office in advance, before cancellation.

Cancelling classes after the semester begins, the scholarship benefits you have received will be cancelled.


  • Students qualify to apply for a General Language Training [D-4] Visa when registered for at least 2 semesters of Intensive Program.

Certificate of Admission is issued for students’ Visa application.